Because of the unique nature of how this blog is funded and how WordPresses chooses to press its words, the bulk of the actual content for this blog can be found hiding in the categories section over there on the right (no, not down there, up at the top, yes, up at the top, there on the right, yes there).

However, from time to time and as the spirit leads, I will try to post updates and news here … In case anyone is interested … I mean, why would you be, right?

Is that good?

2nd of June, 1000 views. In global sense it’s nothing at all. Not even a bad lol-cat video. But   I can’t help but be pleased. That’s how small and fragile my ego is. If I knew who that 1000th visitor was I’d have thrown them a parade! Welcome all yee who enter here. Come back, please …

May the fourth (be with you)

So yesterday, I wrote a short film that I have been promising some folks for a couple of weeks. Only 8 pages, but a nice little piece I think. they had an idea for a world, a setting and a situation, but it was lacking an actual story. So we found something human, something small, something delicate and redemptive and yesterday I sat down for a few hours and wrote the thing.

Today I will do a polish edit, but, so far I really rather like it. It has the vibe of a classic piece of 60’s / 70’s Sci Fi. It’s all about humanity.

With any luck we’ll get some like minded folks together and get it made …

Watch the skies …

April 28th

So, I just ‘officially’ started pimping this Blog. Got down on bended digital knee and begged people to come read, watch, etc.

I know that this whole on-line persona thing is what we are all expected to do right now, but it does feel like begging people to be my friend. Which, of course, I’ve spent my whole damn life doing, but seldom in such a public way – except that one time, and we were all very, very drunk!

Anyway, she’s out in the world now and, with any luck, will find enough interest to shame me into feeding her.

So, what more can I say?

And now, here’s a picture of something far more significant than anything I will ever do:

armstrong footprint

April ’13

CSR cover

Got a call last week to write a pair of speeches for the Chairman of the National Lottery Board for their annual Indaba in Jo’burg. So far so normal.

It was the request to write a message of support for them from Jacob Zuma, the State President that caught me a little by surprise.



Working on iSibaya right now.

Have been since December ’12. 208 half hour episodes.

We’ve delivered 90 so far. I’ve written 60 of them. I’m doing 4 episodes a week right now. So, if I sound a little stressed it’s because I am!

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