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Hands up if you want MORE of this …

… The inconceivably wonderful Reon Viljoen just e-sent me this. I cannot tell you how much I want to see more of it, what about you? Hands up if you do … Oh, and go and check out the No-Spoon website, it’s … Continue reading

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In a black room, with black curtains …

… Well folks, here it is, the open mic … AKA A Formerly Fatman swearing in a crowded room. As Bill Hicks said, funny material and laughter will be added later. With grateful thanks to Dom & Sharon Black and … Continue reading

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The true bearded one …

Lei Varai Barbu. “The True Bearded One”. The one you went with when the family’s life or honor was at stake. The one who might die in the doing, since fortune is a fickle thing. But would neither flinch, nor … Continue reading

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Writing room pictures II (This time it’s personal)

  Yep. One week. 20 episodes broken. After this picture was taken, we rubbed it all out and started again. Happy days …  

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The writing room, summed up in a single picture …

Why post this? Why the hell not!

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Zone 14 – Majaga learns the truth

While I was Head-writer of this show we wrote 242 episodes in a little over a year and it was singularly the best experience of my writing life. Running a writing-room, working with a team of amazing writers, developing new … Continue reading

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