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Make scripts, not war …

My friend and the extremely talented writer, Catherine Muller found this. Need to work out a plot point? The answer is here. Need to work out a character motivation? The answer is here. Simply brilliant. What a resource. http://www.slideshare.net/bright9977/the-art-of-war-36-strategies-3484026

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Look what Mr. Fry is cooking … The man is a genius. A great thinker and an amazing writer. However, Impactful is not a word. It’s ugly and we don’t need to invent ugly to replace the beautiful options already … Continue reading

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Them’s the rules …

A friend just posted me this. She thought I would appreciate it. She could not be more right. The only thing it is missing is a paraphrase of the immortal Barry Katz: Be un-fucking-deniable. It must and shall hang on … Continue reading

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Help the aged …

I’m smiling and I figured I should scribble down the reason why, preserve the moment, freeze it in digital amber. Last week I adapted a short film that I wrote a few years back. The film was originally inspired by … Continue reading

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Received wisdom …

Challenge convention. Col. Neil Wilson, Officer Commanding, British Commandos He went to the same high-school as my daughter and was invited to speak at her final graduation. This was a principle he spoke about at length and seemed to me … Continue reading

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Penny for your thoughts …

This is quite literally the first episode of this series that I have watched, the current episode in their series … And I already love it. They describe creating a ‘stealth game’ and discuss the idea that the best story-telling … Continue reading

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