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I want him on that wall …

I didn’t know it at the time, but he first had me at that moment … A Few Good Men, the Rob Reiner film. That’s when my love affair with Aaron Sorkin began. Then came The West Wing and I … Continue reading

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Many a true word …

Ethics are what we do in the dark … Dr. Frasier Crane – Frasier Hey, what can I say, inspiration comes from many places and truth is truth, even when t’s delivered as a punch-line or as the ‘you-see-timmy’ moment … Continue reading

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Kurt Sutter – SOA

I would make coffee in his writing-room. I would sit at his feet and just soak it up. Screw it, I’d get a tat for him. I’d get a tat of him! He is an awesome, astonishing, brilliant writer and … Continue reading

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The true bearded one …

Lei Varai Barbu. “The True Bearded One”. The one you went with when the family’s life or honor was at stake. The one who might die in the doing, since fortune is a fickle thing. But would neither flinch, nor … Continue reading

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