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Make scripts, not war …

My friend and the extremely talented writer, Catherine Muller found this. Need to work out a plot point? The answer is here. Need to work out a character motivation? The answer is here. Simply brilliant. What a resource. http://www.slideshare.net/bright9977/the-art-of-war-36-strategies-3484026

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Crying in the morning …

I’m back in the writing room in South Africa (it’s a long story, which I will tell at a later stage). My boi child sent me this and, with temperamental bandwidth here in the deep South, I watched it when … Continue reading

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Digging Doug …

You don’t know where the middle of the road even is unless you’ve seen the far curb … Doug Stanhope – Comedian. Word of Mouth (NSFL – Not safe for life!) Some of what he says is shocking. Some of … Continue reading

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Look what Mr. Fry is cooking … The man is a genius. A great thinker and an amazing writer. However, Impactful is not a word. It’s ugly and we don’t need to invent ugly to replace the beautiful options already … Continue reading

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It’s ALL his fault …

So, faithful reader, did you ever wonder how I got to be quite so full of shit with so little apparent effort? Well, if you did, this is why. My father, who I adore, just sent me this. And yes, … Continue reading

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Blind faith … Blind joy …

Today was the summer carnival in our local town and it was, to be honest, a fairly desultory affair. But we were witness to a truly magical moment. A local athletics academy had set up a short running track on … Continue reading

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Many a true word …

Ethics are what we do in the dark … Dr. Frasier Crane – Frasier Hey, what can I say, inspiration comes from many places and truth is truth, even when t’s delivered as a punch-line or as the ‘you-see-timmy’ moment … Continue reading

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Them’s the rules …

A friend just posted me this. She thought I would appreciate it. She could not be more right. The only thing it is missing is a paraphrase of the immortal Barry Katz: Be un-fucking-deniable. It must and shall hang on … Continue reading

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Caution, this might make you think!

Here is an amazing video clip, part of the TED talks series. I edit a magazine dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility, and I have never, ever heard anyone speak in these terms. This is intelligent, thought provoking, challenging and inspirational. … Continue reading

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