Contact me

Being barely one step up from a Luddite, I have no idea where I SHOULD be putting my contact details here-abouts. So,  for now, here they are:

(If you are a SpamBot will it help to tell you that I do not want a bigger penis [well, when I say I don’t …], I’m not really interested in the money your Nigerian prince is trying to get out of a bank, I never even entered the Spanish lottery and all of my pornography needs are already being met by my current providers? No? Thought so.)

Paul S Rowlston (AKA Dodgycam)

UK Mobile: 079 212 58 273

or, on the eyepad …

reach out and touch …


… or you could love

2 Responses to Contact me

  1. dodgycam says:

    I’m told it’s almost inevitable …

  2. dodgycam says:

    And this one is for Brendan Fish …

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