Howzit, hiya, howdy, hello,

Welcome to my little slice of the world brain. I got the recipe from Hannible Lecter, tell me if it tickles …

Here and here abouts you will (hopefully) find some random musings, some pointed particulars and, if you’re here to ‘audit’ me professionally, some video that I’m really rather fond of. That’s if I can figure out how to upload a video and create a menu in which to deposit it. This could take some time.

So, here we go … Enjoy …


… or you could love …


Paul S Rowlston is a Writer / Director.

Paul has written features films and TV series for over twenty years. He has written and directed a wide variety of broadcast and non-broadcast work – collaborating with various production companies and corporate clients.

In 2010 Paul became the head writer on Zone 14, a prime time soap opera and South Africa’s second most watched TV series. Since then he has run writing rooms and story teams and written on Jacob’s Cross, iNkaba and iSibaya – working on well over 250 hours of TV drama in a little under three years.

In recent years Paul has taken to wearing cravats with his Marillion and Rush T-shirts and a variety of increasingly bold hats – meaning the S in his name is no longer his only affectation.


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