Like a Boss …

… Hugo Boss …

(Just don’t mention the war!)

So, here’s it is, the tricky second album …

And indeed it was.

I didn’t knock it out of the park. I think I got bat on ball and I think I got on base by the end, but it was a little hesitant and clunky.

Looking back at the video (shot by the indescribably wonderful Brendan Fish) I know where it came off the rails, I know the exact moment. There may even be a small prize for those of you that spot it, even if the prize is simply the satisfaction of being smug bastards and sharing in my pain.

It’s by no means terrible. I got some laughs, some of the new material worked well, some of it killed in the room. And damn but that thin fella looks good, don’t he?

All in all, as a second at bat I don’t think it’s too terrible at all! I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen ‘professionals’ who were worse.

As a second bite of the apple it was by no means bitter, it was just … You know … a sequel!

Enjoy. Holla at a brother. Let me know if I made y’all laugh. And if I didn’t keep it to yo damn self!


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