Stairway …

This song has become such an institution, such a punch-line (no Stairway!) that it’s really easy to forget how absolutely astonishing it actually is.

It is an amazing, a beautiful song, a delightful song … and this is a truly transcendent version. It made me cry. The moment when Jason Bonham, on drums (I just confirmed it is Bozo’s son up there behind the kit) looks up to heaven at the end, so obviously moved by this moment, that’s pure joy and beautiful to see. Tears.

And spare a thought for the guitar player, doing THAT solo, for Jimmy (and POTUS). So, no pressure then …

Simply beautiful and brilliant and very, very moving …

And, just in case you needed reminding, no matter how much it has changed over the years, the song really does remain the same. Does anybody remember laughter?

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2 Responses to Stairway …

  1. Jacques says:

    Yes, it was another chance to listen to it a first time

    • dodgycam says:

      Oh, well said. Between the moment when the dull choir is revealed, to the obvious delight of the band, and the great joy and obvious deep emotions of Jason Bonham it is a very moving piece of video. And, obviously a wonderful arrangement and a great performance from Heart and they friends.

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