More Things I have Learnt

Simply one of the most talented actresses I ever worked with. Creator of one of the best one act plays I ever saw. And don’t get me started on that story. Oh, and star of my 24hr one act play, the one tht made me and the audience weep. She did that. Follow her. Here, on stage, on the screen … In the street if you are lucky enough. (Damn that restraining order). That is all.


I love making lists, this is old news, but I decided to make a list of the many valuable things I’m learning on a regular basis. As a performer or freelancer of any kind you may find these lessons useful. Here goes:

1. Don’t begin a job, or any kind of relationship for that matter, from a place of desperation and/or fear of being without. 

2. Don’t go with the safe option just because its safe.

3. Take risks, be available for the right job rather than being stuck in the first possible option. 

4. Make sure you read your contract very carefully.

Take your time, don’t feel pressured to sign anything. Don’t get too over excited that you have been offered a job. Think rationally. Make changes, negotiate and be sure of every detail, not just the salary, but all the little things. 

6. Listen to your heart. At…

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