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Phew, phew, phew!

I’ve been playing a lot of the on-line flying game War Thunder recently; shooting and being shot at in WWII era planes. So much, so fun. I guess that’s why I find this GIF astonishing. That and being old enough … Continue reading

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It’s ALL his fault …

So, faithful reader, did you ever wonder how I got to be quite so full of shit with so little apparent effort? Well, if you did, this is why. My father, who I adore, just sent me this. And yes, … Continue reading

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Blind faith … Blind joy …

Today was the summer carnival in our local town and it was, to be honest, a fairly desultory affair. But we were witness to a truly magical moment. A local athletics academy had set up a short running track on … Continue reading

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Stairway …

This song has become such an institution, such a punch-line (no Stairway!) that it’s really easy to forget how absolutely astonishing it actually is. It is an amazing, a beautiful song, a delightful song … and this is a truly … Continue reading

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Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune …

Why, because it’s funny, that’s why … Enjoy …

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I’m in the middle of writing and editing the latest issue of Corporate Social Review and that always gives me at least some excuse to indulge. And Crib Notes is my page, the place where I think out loud and … Continue reading

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More Things I have Learnt

Originally posted on larabowbites:
I love making lists, this is old news, but I decided to make a list of the many valuable things I’m learning on a regular basis. As a performer or freelancer of any kind you may…

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“Guitar” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me….

Some lovely work here. Fantastic. Go check it out.

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Many a true word …

Ethics are what we do in the dark … Dr. Frasier Crane – Frasier Hey, what can I say, inspiration comes from many places and truth is truth, even when t’s delivered as a punch-line or as the ‘you-see-timmy’ moment … Continue reading

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Them’s the rules …

A friend just posted me this. She thought I would appreciate it. She could not be more right. The only thing it is missing is a paraphrase of the immortal Barry Katz: Be un-fucking-deniable. It must and shall hang on … Continue reading

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