Deck the halls …

Being part of a cult is a funny thing.

Being an outsider, in the know, having the inside track on something that most people don’t ‘get’, that appeals to the Tom Sawyer in all of us. And the Analogue Kid in me always did like to feel that I wasn’t really a herd animal. (And mostly not heard, either.)

But the New World Man in me always hoped for at least some indication that I was not alone in the world. Some recognition that good works do, ultimately, offer a tangible return.

And of course, as a story teller who looks for redemption in every theme and would like to hold at least some faith in the goodness of humanity, I must admit to hoping that, someday, the good guys would win one for a change.

But, on the flip side, the guilty and seldom secret fear of every determined outsider is that one day they’ll look around and find themselves on the inside, that somehow the outlier will become the norm and suddenly you’ll just be another one of the cud chewing cows – desperately trying to tell anyone and everyone that you knew this field before everyone else realised just how beautiful and green it was.

But no. Turns out, I can handle being part of the herd if the pay off is this moment …

When I saw this clip I wept just a little. Not just to see the fellas from Rush recognised, but to see the look of astonishment on their faces when it happened. To see that moment when they received the one thing that they never went looking for and never expected and never ever compromised even an inch to achieve … respect.

Turns out there is some justice in the world, and sometimes the meek, the geeks and the terminally uncool can find themselves with the whole world at their feet … About bloody time.

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