Wish them well …

People who judge without a measure of mercy 
All the victims who will never learn 
Even the lost ones, you can only give up on 
Even the ones who make you burn 

Thank your stars you’re not that way 
Turn your back and walk away

Don’t even pause and ask them why
Turn around and say goodbye …


The centrepiece of the amazing Clockwork Angels, Mr. Peart managed, even after all these years, to challenge me again with this.

Don’t even pause and ask them why …

For someone who has spent his life raging against the machine, this is quite some challenge … Clockwork Angels is an amazing album, this is a wonderful lyric …

And The Garden is, if anything, better still …



As anyone who knows me already knows, I’m constantly pinging lyrics. Sometimes all it takes is a single word in a conversation, sometimes it’s conversational cadence and, most often, it’s emotional sub-text that drags up some or other lyrical monster from the depths of my psyche and my soul.

These are not my words, but they are the words that inspire me, by the writers who have made me the writer I am and, at least to some extent, the man I am today.

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2 Responses to Wish them well …

  1. Hhhhhmmmmmmmmm …….Gustissimo.

    ❤ C ❤

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