Virtuality …

Net boy, net girl
Send your signal ’round the world
Let your fingers walk and talk
And set you free

Net boy, net girl
Send your impulse ’round the world
Put your message in a modem
And throw it in the Cyber Sea


Super appropriate lyric waiting for me when I hit play at the end of a week of blog-building.

Not sure how Mr Peart feels about this Massive Multi-player Role Playing Game based reality that we are collectively creating, but I’m kinda digging on it right now and so here I go, sending my heartbeat around the world … If only to Test for Echo …


As anyone who knows me already knows, I’m constantly pinging lyrics. Sometimes all it takes is a single word in a conversation, sometimes it’s conversational cadence and, most often, it’s emotional sub-text that drags up some or other lyrical monster from the depths of my psyche and my soul.

These are not my words, but they are the words that inspire me, by the writers who have made me the writer I am and, at least to some extent, the man I am today.

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