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Know thyself …

I know that I want to think of myself as all grown up and what-not, but in my heart of hearts I know … I’m with the kids on this one … I would eat the crap out of that … Continue reading

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And the winner is …

… blah, blah, blah … While it doesn’t really matter to them, it matters to their fans. The fact that Canadian band, Rush, have been eligible for the Rock and Roll hall of fame for over ten years and have been snubbed … Continue reading

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The emperor has no clothes …

For the last couple of weeks I’ve jumped on the web on a Saturday night seeking cognitive dissonance. It’s been pretty clear to me that Dr Who, with an astonishingly good Doctor and a frankly brilliant Head-Writer, has managed to be … … Continue reading

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Open Secret

I find no absolution, in my rational point of view. Maybe some things are instinctive, but there’s one thing you could do. You could try to understand me, I could try to understand you … * Neal Peart, drummer and lyricist for Rush, is … Continue reading

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Nicest thing she ever said …

“You terrible, terrible person, you!” Caroline Evangeline Bankart Hard to argue with a girl whose boyfriend can draw dragons!

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Writing room pictures II (This time it’s personal)

  Yep. One week. 20 episodes broken. After this picture was taken, we rubbed it all out and started again. Happy days …  

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Discovery Health – Doctors

Most of what you do in Corporate Communication is really pragmatic, simple stuff. Interviews, internal communication, message driven film making. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an art to it and it doesn’t mean you can’t try and make it … Continue reading

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Marillion – Memory of water (Big beat version, live)

Our first tour with Marillion was into Holand, Poland and Germany during the tour. It was also at the very start of what was about to be the DVCam pro-sumer revolution. Thanks to Dom Black we were some of … Continue reading

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Something old, something new …

Another golden oldie that could, with a few changed references, be written tomorrow. And not just about South Africa. I could not have even imagined, back then, how the shows I was referencing as ‘fresh’ back then would go on … Continue reading

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On yer Bike …

Some background: Crib Notes was written for the NTVA. At the very last ever NTVA  Avanti Awards I got up to accept my award and told them, in no uncertain terms, how badly I felt they had handled that year’s awards. … Continue reading

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